Recognition is key to employee retention programs. Investing in your employees is a good investment in your company. Forbes magazine reported that companies who actively work toward a recognition-rich culture had a 31% lower employee turnover rate. And according to a report from the Boston Consulting Group the top two reasons for job happiness are “appreciation for your work” and “good relationships with colleagues.”

Though most companies host holiday parties, it’s important to recognize employees’ hard work year round. Here are four reasons to throw an event this summer.

Corporate Event Industry Trends - With A Sports Twist!

We spent some time nerding out on numbers, pulled a few corporate event trends from 2015 and made some predictions about what clients will be looking for in the upcoming year.

Hands-on events

We’ve seen a big demand for unique, interactive events. Corporate groups want to engage their clients and connect with them in a more relaxed environment. The interactive elements of an event act as a natural icebreaker and allow conversation to flow easily. We especially like our pro-athlete meet and greets!

Some are straying even farther from the “traditional” corporate event and booking active events like corn hole tournaments or field days. Companies know their event is competing with employee and clients’ networking, industry and internal events, so a unique event is a big draw for them.

Built-in takeaways

Many corporate groups send clients and employees home with a small party favor. They want to stay on top of mind for their clients and any reminder of the event experience is a great way to do it. In the past year, we’ve seen a jump to including a physical takeaway as a part of the event package, eliminating an extra step for the event host. Whether it’s a growler of beer from a brewery tour or a custom company koozie, the takeaway will remind clients of the awesome event—and your brand—every time they see or use it.

Bigger guest lists

As event budgets increase and companies continue to grow, the event guest lists grow too. Much like last year, we saw a spike in the average number of attendees per event. The average event in 2015 had 62 attendees. This is a jump from last year (48 attendees) and 2013 (29 attendees).

What hasn’t changed

Most companies are still planning events on weeknights. This past year, 72% of events took place Tuesday through Thursday. Picking a day in the middle of the week decreases the odds of a guest traveling out of town or taking off for a long weekend. While some sporting events take place on the weekends, many companies don’t want to infringe on personal time or compete with friend or family engagements. Here's a list of Business Person Specials to live stream at the office or take a field trip!

Here's how we can help:

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